Tiny eco wellness

Our next point of attention is our spacious bathroom measuring 1.5 by 1 meter. Most people break their heads how to fill the bathroom, double sinks and so on, but in our case it is important to leave out all unnecessary bathroom ballast. In addition, we want to make our tiny bathroom as ecological as possible. To reduce the waste of water to a minimum, we googled around the net. Surprising how many articles have been written about small bathrooms. There are plenty of tips about the use of light colors and transparent materials, but for the dimensions of our tiny eco house wellness center we walked every time with our nose against the proverbial bathroom door.

Natural outdoor shower


That brings us to the next. We have discovered a powerful water-saving system for the indoor shower. With a water reduction of approximately 85% compared to a “normal” shower, it is in principle possible to stand in the shower for a long time and at a comfortable temperature. The water is collected in the shower tray, filtered and comes out clean again by the shower head.


This sounds inconceivable, but it really is. We were really happy with it. If we can also get a beautiful spot at a swimming lake ornear the Beach, then we will be completely satisfied.

 This is how we create our own water-saving tiny eco wellness paradise.