We want to be a lot more comfortable in our tinyecohouse than the couch hanger on the picture above! That is what we are after. We are still thinking hard about how exactly we are going to do that. The ideas for this are bubbling in our heads, but we do not yet know exactly how we want to implement this. Because the area is limited, we have to proliferate with space. We have already seen many examples of the practical use of a very limited number of square meters. For example, chairs that are hung under a table, but a sofa that can be folded or retracted for our tinyecohouse, we have not come across yet. We will therefore have to design our own benches that are suitable for sitting or hanging on, but can also be used to let guests sleep.

Outside banks

However, our wishes go even further. In the summer we also want to use the benches outside for enjoying a glass of wine in the sun. We are thinking of making the banks extendable in a simple way. We do not know exactly how we will implement this. We think that the seating areas can be pushed out of the terrace via a fixed rail or grooves in the floor in one straight line and simple movement. Logically, we come across many challenges here, such as the sill under the large sliding glass doors. The banks must of course be able to slide over or through them. We still have to tackle that problem. The big advantage of our banking adventure is that we can also spend the summer outside under the starry sky. We saw a good example of this in the program 3. Here was a tree house where the bed could be completely pushed out through grooves in the floor. A wonderful example of an overnight experience that we want to experience and also want to offer our guests.